Standing in the kitchen, right in front of the big window. That’s all Taylor could do, because she has a pole with a vibrating dildo on it right in her vagina, and her legs are strapped to the pole. The pole has been bolted to the floor, so she knows she’s not gonna be moving any time soon. Her arms are tied above her head to the ceiling, and her ponytail is also tied to a rope leading from the ceiling.

The house she was in was on a fairly busy street, so a lot of people saw her in the window as they walked by. Some even took pictures of her, and all she could do was watch. She couldn’t scream or talk because of the ball gag in her mouth, and it was causing her to drool all over herself.

Her master then opened the door, and invited people to come inside. They all took pictures and laughed at Taylor, and eventually her master slapped her extremely hard on her ass, which jiggled a ton. “Who wants a turn with her?” exclaimed her master.

One man stepped up and undid his jeans. Her master put up some curtains and closed the blinds so no one could see them. The man then took out his penis and showed it to Taylor. She saw how hard and big it was and she knew she was in for it. He then slowly inserted his hard cock into her asshole with no lube. It was painful, but she loved it. She was pounded in the asshole for a few minutes until her ass was filled with his cum.

He zipped his pants up and walked out. The next person came in.


A few hours later and the door was closed, and Taylor felt amazing. She was fucked non-stop for the whole day, and now she was going to go to bed. The way her master makes her sleep is inside a vacuum sealed bag. She laid down in the bag, and covered herself up. Her master zipped it up, attached the vacuum, and it sucked all the air out of the bag. It wrapped tightly around her body and face, and she couldn’t move or breathe, but he then poked holes in the bag near her nose and mouth so she could breathe.

While in the bag, her master brought his phone over to her, and scrolled through his Facebook and Instagram feeds. She saw tons of pictures of herself tied up in the window, and it had gone viral.

She laid there as she heard him walk out, then close and lock the door. She loved what happened, but she wanted something more extreme. She really wanted to be pushed to her limits.

She got her wish the next morning when she woke up sitting back against the wall, and she knew she wasn’t getting out. The panic set in after a second or two when she figured out she wasn’t in her bag – but she then calmed down after she realized this is what she asked for.

She was in a small, poorly lit room that reminded her of a cellar, and the door next to her was padlocked shut. She tried to wiggle in her restraints, but she couldn’t – her torso and arms were chained firmly to the wall behind her and her legs were chained very tightly in front of her. She was loving the vibrations in her ass and pussy from the dildos that were inserted into her.

Taylor was loving this so much – but she thought too soon. After a few hours and many orgasms, the padlock was removed from the door and it was opened. A man dressed in all black with a black mask walked in. He looked at her for a second and laughed, before tying a rope very loosely around her neck. She couldn’t ask what he was doing, as her mouth was gagged and she was unable to talk or scream. The man then slid the rope over a pulley on the ceiling and tied it to a bucket which was now hanging from the ceiling. Taylor was extremely uncomfortable at this point, especially when he pulled a catheter out and stuck it right in her vagina. There was a small pump connected to the catheter, which now lead to the bucket. She was really freaked out by this contraption, and even more so when the man placed a tank on the floor in front of her, with a pump and a large tube coming out of it. The tube was connected to her mouth through the gag.

Once the man left, she was left to wonder what the hell was going on. She could feel her urine passing through the catheter and into the bucket. As the bucket got fuller, it weighed more, thus pulling the rope and slightly tightening the noose. The piss kept flowing and flowing and flowing until the bucket was really heavy and the noose was extremely tight. Taylor couldn’t breathe anymore and she was starting to panic. She almost passed out but the bucket ended up hitting the tank and poured into it. The bucket went back up to the ceiling, which loosened the noose so she could breathe again. But what she didn’t realize was that the tank was now pumping the piss directly into her mouth.

After about a minute, she saw the yellow fluid crawling through the tube. She couldn’t believe what was happening, but she couldn’t stop it in any way. The piss entered her mouth and it was all she could taste as it slowly went down her throat. After a few minutes, it finished and she felt the noose tightening again as the bucket dropped. During another orgasm, she realized that this never-ending cycle is her new life, but it isn’t as bad as she originally thought.