Family: Given As a Blessing Not a Curse

“What does your family mean to you?,” a child was once asked.

“Nothing,” she replied. “Mine was so extremely dysfunctional. My father is always drunk, my mother always beat kids. My brothers and sisters already got out of the house and I do not know what they are already doing and where they are. It(Family) is just something that I wish for that I know I will never have.”

A HAPPY FAMILY. Are you also one of the people who are in a quest for this?

Filipino family ties during the early years are superior examples of in high spirit, nurtured families. Other countries would envy how we do things all together — dine, go to church, watch a movie, shopping, go in an, how the whole family would go together to the airport when a family member arrives, how parents are very much supportive to their children’s concerns and a lot more. But now, for many, that was just BEFORE. Before when families are still given much time, attention and care.

Many Filipino families nowadays still carry out the picture of the healthy family like we used to have before. But as of these days also, reality speaks that the country whom many people envied of its close family ties already brought into being a high number of broken homes and unwanted families.

My imagination pictures a scenario where I am walking on the street one day and I meet a child wiping his tears.

“Why are you crying?”


“Are you lost? Where are you from?”

“No. I live there by the nearby kanto where people would always hear the loud cries of children, where father and mother always let plates, saucers and our things at home fly.”

“Huh? Why? Who is your father by the way?”

“I do not know. When father enters our house drank, expect a plate to fly again. My mother use to name him ‘Bitch’ and I call him the same. I have no idea of his real name rather. And I do not care. Our house is like just a hell of ‘bitches’ and ‘demons’ as they call each other there.”

“What about your mother’s name? Maybe I know her and I can talk to her.”

“Never mind. My father calls her ‘Crazy’ and I call her the same.”

“Ah. So where are you going then?”

“I’ll go find my friends. I will invite them to have some cigarette and liquor to somewhat forget this feelings for a while.”

As a Filipino, would I feel great? As years outdo, instead of family ties becoming firmer and firmer, relationship between family members came to be weaker and weaker.

Have you tried having a look to some old photos of your parents during their graduation days? They may not graduated with flying honors but can you notice on the pictures the presence of all siblings, parents and some relatives during that special day? Probably, you would. But in our present-day generation, you can even witness an honored student in tears while receiving her medals, ribbons, and certificates with just his great grandmother with him who could hardly walk already.

Currently, youth would enjoy dropping out of school, joining fraternity groups, being engaged in premarital sex and some are now officially called “batang ina” or “batang ama”. As a matter of fact, in the Philippines, 1 out of 3 aged 15-24 years old youth have involved themselves in premarital sex and 14 percent of girls aged 15-19 are already a mother. WHAT A WORRISOME NUMBER!

Researchers, with all their bests provided us all the reasons and causes why these things are being enjoyed by youth in order for solutions or preventions to be made. Peer pressure, lack of self-esteem, fear of rejection and many more came out – almost all pointing the blame to each child’s FAMILY.

Many would define the word FAMILY as the circle where they started to have Fears; for others, it is a dwelling where Anger reigns; it is also where others experienced being Maltreated; it is the circle where others feel Insecure to be with; for some it is something they never Long to be with anymore because of the experiences they had, and for others it is like hell where they always hear shouts and Yells.

On other family cases, my heart would cry for a friend who tries to live life with the best she can but inside her, she’s in a journey of looking for a father she has never seen since birth; for a friend who would embrace me with tears saying,”it would even be easier for me to know he’s dead than to see her happily living with that monster.”; a friend who dropped out of school after his father took away all their earnings and slept with another woman; and a friend who cries every time she whispers her birthday wish to have their complete family back again.

Is this already the face of the family that God, with great love had given to men? A place where many cannot feel the things that they are supposed to. As the years would go, will children try their bests to define FAMILY in the most negative way they can? This is not God’s idea for families!

Youth, we are the hope of our nation. In the years to come we should not let families become worse and worse. We can no more bring those days when our country is being envied of the close family ties. But we can do it again!

God designed the family as the smallest unit in the society. Yes, the smallest yet with the greatest purpose- for parents to mold the children’s values and attitudes, to help them start dreaming and to give them very positive outlooks in life. He conceived it as the heart of the society, church and nation. The well-being of a society, success of a church and prosperity of a nation all rest on the family influences. He created family ties to be the closest, most tender and sacred on earth because He wants to bind the life of the nation with love.

Everyone has a family. Even the animals have. Many would say they do not have because they do not let themselves be called a part of the family they belong to since they do not want to be embarrassed. We may not be enjoying the family where we belong right now but we can never do otherwise, we cannot chose.

To those who are very much enjoying the company of a happy family, God is so happy watching over you. But! you will not be allowed forever to be hidden under the wings of your parents. God wants you to have your own family in the right time too.

And for you who, until now are still longing for a successful family which will be the complete opposite of the never-been-happy family they have at present, your dreams are all dependent in your hands.

The desired family we are all aiming for all starts with the most careful, most wise and Godly decisions.

As a young lady, who am I not to dream for my own happy, healthy and nurtured family in the future too? But the family, actually, does not excite me. What excites me most is when I would walk along the isle as a 777 bride between the golden-colored, sweet scented flowers along a very peaceful, solemn church wedding.

Like any other women, I am really much motivated for this great event since I thought it would be where the happy ever after and the happy family would get underway. But unfortunately, I was wrong.

A happy ever after all begins with what you are now – how you make decisions in life today pictures what you are going to have in the future. Do not daydream too much of the wedding. Have a high standard of goal with the family you are going to have. Because with these childish daydreaming for extravagant weddings, I tell you, many were married but are mismatched.

Be cautious! How you handle things today is what you will become tomorrow.

Reality check in today’s courtship practices, are they all approved in Christ’s standard? Gone are those days when suitors are obliged to meet the parents first. Welcome to the generation where young ladies and gentlemen meet in secrets and do things in secrets without the knowing of their parents.

Ellen G. White strongly reminds us that we should not trust too much to impulse. Remember, love is not a strong, fiery, impetuous passion. On the contrary, it is calm and deep in its nature, it is wise and discriminating, its devotion is real and abiding and is a pure and holy – a high and noble principle.

Great care should be taken in the formation of friendships and in the choice of companions. We should weigh every sentiment and watch every development of character in the one with whom we would like to link our destiny. Let our minds dwell upon spiritual subjects. Give ourselves constant vigilant self-instructions.

Sitting up late, on the other hand at night is customary; but it is not pleasing even if we are both Christians. These untimely hours injure health and have an appearance of evil.

” Satan knows what elements he has to deal with and he displays his internal wisdom in various devices to entrap humans to ruins,” Mrs. White wrote.

“A young man,” she added, “who enjoys the society and friendship of a young lady unknown to her parents does not act a noble Christian part toward her and toward her parents. Through secret communications and meetings, he may gain an influence over her mind but in doing so, he fails to manifest that nobility and which every child of God will possess.Thou shalt not steal was written by the finger of God on the tables of stone yet how much underhand stealing of affection is being practiced today?”

Be wary!!! We know not how a 16-year-old mother dealt with her early pregnancy plus her parents’ reaction with it plus the murmurs around and how she would deal with the family she is going to have that she never liked and dream of. Do we still want to bear the same feelings as she did?

Choosing a life partner stage, when taken unwisely is the most effective means of destroying the youthfulness and the supposed-to-be very bright future of us.

As a woman, before uttering the words “I do” try to consider the characteristics of the man first. Is his life pure? Can you find true peace in his affection? Has he the traits that will make you happy? Is God the foundation of his life?

And as a man, consider some things too about the woman you are deeply in love with. Will she bring happiness to your home? Will she be patient and painstaking? Will she take your parents as her own too? Does she have God in her life?

“No one can effectually ruin a woman’s happiness and usefulness and make life a heart sickening burden as her own husband and no one can do one hundredth part as much to chill the hopes and aspirations of a man, to paralyze his energies and ruin his influence and prospects as his own wife,” White explains in her book Growing a Happy Home.

Take heed! A little time spent in sowing wild oats will produce a crop that will embitter a whole life. And an hour of thoughtlessness may turn the whole current of life in the wrong direction.

Excited with your wedding? Have you prayed hard for the BEST partner? Again, with the most careful, most wise and Godly decisions are where a happy family begins.

The next important factor towards building a happy family is knowing the great responsibilities laid on your shoulders as parents. Family was not given by the Lord to become a trial and error for the people who wants to find genuine happiness and the real meaning of their lives. Family is a sacred tie that needs to be well and carefully planned by the parents to whom God has placed the greatest responsibilities in a family.

Therefore, before getting into this, both the lady and the gentleman should know the obligations God wants them to perform not only as a husband and wife but also as a mother and a father.

Firstly, to the future wives and mothers. Your primary role is often seen as providing a home first for your husband. In addition, Colossians 3:18 clearly states that ” Wives, submit to your husbands, as it is fitting in the Lord.” Submission means a lot of things- to love your husband in words and in deeds, to be willing to be a part of him and to do only good to him. Serve him when he comes home from work, pray for him every time you would pray for yourself, be open to him and be willing to take your in-laws as your own parents too.

Another big charge to a wife is becoming a mother – to provide the safe and secure environment in which your children can grow and flourish, develop their personalities and talents to move out into the world where they proceed to blossom into being their own person.

Mrs. White expressed, “many ladies, accounted and well-educated are shamefully ignorant of the practical duties of life.” Therefore, a lady, before getting married should have a thorough knowledge of the household duties as a wife and a mother. Your beauty and talents have nothing to do with your family life that much rather than playing the simple, practical duties daily for your family. Who cares if you can graciously play the piano but cannot cook for the family? We should never forget the very common saying that personally comes out from our mouths — “IDLENESS IS A SIN.”

Not only that, a mother’s onus also is to protect her children from sickness and while a child is sick, she takes good care until her child’s condition gets back to normal. Being a mother is not being just dependent on hospitals when sicknesses arise. Make your own home a natural treating place for those family members who needs it. That is why, you should ensure and offer good nutrition and proper hygiene to your children.

Sometimes, with these simple, little things come troubles in a family. A husband going away because he has given up doing almost all the household chores daily after coming home from work while the wife just taking care of their child spent her whole day if not in the salon, she’s in the mall spending all his husband’s wages.

Parents are called the “first teachers”. From the very childhood of a child, parents, most specially mothers are to ensure the development of sense of morality. Mothers should have the patience, love and hard work to educate their children well before sending them out to schools.

A mother, on the other hand can also help provide for a family but it is not your responsibility. Yours is to grow with your kids. You must be flexible. You must know that in a family, all behavior is a form of communication and you should have a thorough knowledge how to react in them. Everybody communicates through it like for example an infant may cry when she is hungry or wet, just like an adult may yawn when he is bored at work.

A mother should have the motto of “family first before myself” and an attitude of being mindful, productive and motivated to make her family to the best it can be.

Reminder, there are families whose happiness is wrecked by the inefficiency of the mother. Mothers are being distinguished as the “lights” of the home, then mothers should have the Godly characteristics that would lead their children to the right path.

And for the future husband and the fathers, your greatest role as a husband is clearly stated in Ephesians 5:28 saying that you should love your wives as you love yourselves. Love to wife is not only showed but should also be said. Literally, many can only tell their love for their wives during sexual intercourse. Excuse me, do not make your wives as merely as a sex object.1 Peter 3:7 says you should honor your wives because they have given up their names to take yours.

One more big obligation is that you should be the financer. Marriage is a financial venture and to husbands were given the responsibility to finance, support and provide for his family. The wife can help too but it is not her responsibility. As a husband, your earnings should not be just for your own. No man is excusable for this!

And lastly, it is clearly read in Ephesians 6:4. “Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”

Yes! Fathers should be active in the area of the discipline and rearing of children not teaching them how to speak bad words, how to hold a gun, kick a playmate, how to drink liquor and how to hold cigarettes.

Look out! Like we were before, children nowadays are also copy cats. Before preaching, make sure you are not yet caught doing that thing you are talking about. You should see their development by the way you live and the direction in which you lead your family. Fathers were given the crown as the head of the family. Assume leadership at home but not dictatorial. Open criticism can be a big help to a family. But not because you were given the authority, do not make criticism so severe in the family. Do not make rules that are too rigid either, this will just lead to the disregard of all your regulations.

In a family, selfishness is not obligatory. That is why communication plays a big role. As parents, you should be matured enough to be open in communication because this is the key in all successful relationships. Not just in marriage or with children but with parents, siblings, in-laws and extended family.

Instances where family refuses to speak to or acknowledge other family members is ridiculous. Families need to talk, to work things out, to try to make things better. Family members doing hurtful things to one another, deciding not to love someone or be around someone for their decisions is not only rude and hateful, but against everything Christian-like. Talk to your family members. Tell them how you feel or find out what is truly going on. Make an effort to work things out. Make an effort to understand. Don’t always assume you know.

Time is another important cog. Once you already have your own family, you should never cry for your mother’s daily care and presence anymore. Gone are those days when you can have party with friends and go anywhere you want anytime you want to. Gone are those days already when you are still the child. You are now a playing a very rigid yet enjoyable parent role. Attending parties and gimics are never forbidden to parents anyway as long as you know your limits.

A writer once said: “”it is the cry of many parents that they have no time for their children. Then they should not have taken upon themselves the responsibility of a family yet. By withholding from them the time which is justly theirs, they rob them of the education which children should have at their hands. If they have children, they have a work to do in the formation of their characters. They should never, never neglect their children. They should let nothing interpose between them and the best interests of their children.”

Dinner time can be one of the best family moments together. Research have shown that not only do families develop a stronger family identity, families who eat dinner together regularly can also keep in touch with each others’ lives, a regular family dinnertime provides natural opportunities for planning and problem solving and in a variety of conversation topics, learning is encouraged.

These are only some of the basics and the paragon of what God wants the family to be. A place of love, comfort, contentment and happiness. For sure, a question like “how can these be possible?” would rise.

Simple. Your question can be answered by a children’s song: “with Jesus in the family, happy, happy home.” But then, again, what if we now we still do not have God in our lives?

On our shoulders as youth were laid the responsibilities to make the future brighter. God designed family for joy, satisfaction and security.

We only pass this way but once. We should then make the best out of everything we do. We were put to earth to prepare for the heavenly kingdom that was being prepared for us. And God would like us to make every family a little heaven on earth as a representation of the group we are going to bring in heaven.


The Reasons Why Family Is Important In Life

Family is the most important and valuable gift that god has given us. It is the first lesson in relationships with others. Family is really an important word. It means to feel secure, to have someone who you can count on, whom you can share your problems with. But it also means to have respect for each other and responsibility.

What family means to me is love and someone that will always be there for you through the good times and the bad. It is about encouragement, understanding, hope, comfort, advice, values, morals, ideals, and faith. These things are all important to me because it makes me feel secure and happy inside regardless of what is going on in my life. This is one of the main reasons why the family is important in our life. Here in this article it is important to emphasize on the importance of family in our everyday life.

Utmost Protection and Security

Family is important because it provides love, support and a framework of values to each of its members. Family members teach each other, serve one another and share life’s joys and sorrows. Families provide a setting for personal growth. Family is the single most important influence in a child’s life. From their first moments of life, children depend on parents and family to protect them and provide for their needs. Parents and family form a child’s first relationships. Family provides all members with security, identity and values, regardless of age. When a member of the family feels insecure or unsafe, he turns to his family for help. He learns about his sense of self and gains a foundation for the rest of his life. This foundation includes the family’s values which provide the basis for his own moral code. Spending time with family shows individuals the value of love, appreciation and open communication.

Following family traditions showcases the importance of family, as well. Family traditions are experiences that families create together on a regular basis, whether these involve holidays, vacations or even attending religious services together. Not only do these experiences create memories for years to come, they also give family members a stronger sense of belonging. Families bond together and make each member feel important.

First step of receiving basic values of life

A family is the first school in which a child receives the basic values of life. He learns good manners in the family. The morals and values learnt in family become our guiding force. They make our character. They lay the foundation of our thinking. I feel fortunate to be born in a family where values are inculcated in early childhood. Family is an important and strongest unit of society. It holds great importance in social life. A society is made up of families. Our family has been known for discipline and values. We give great importance to values and morals in life. Since our early childhood we are taught to respect the elders and love the children. We learnt the lesson of punctuality and honesty from our grandfather. It is due to the good education of our grandparents that we could excel both in sports and education. Since our childhood we have been put into the habit of rising early in the morning. This has a natural effect on our health and physical fitness.

Making a right choice in choosing the right life partner family values influences each walk of our life. It is high time that family values be protected and be treated as a tool to eliminate corruption, hunger, inequality, and crime and hatred in our society.

To shape a child’s future

The family is your blood and they are the people who accept you for who you are, who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what. The family is one and only place where your life begins and love never end. You may have lots of people in your life, but you won’t find a single person who cares the most exactly same as your parents. Some of you may not agree with me, but this is the truth that one day you will realize this by your own. A family is the only place where children study a lot after school. In school, teachers teach children about the subjects which will help them to find a good job in future. But in the home, Family teaches children about habits, discipline which not only help them to find a job but also help them to live a perfect life in future. So the family is very important for kids. When babies come out from mother’s womb, they see their parents first and thereafter they spent most of the time with their family until go to school. During that 3 or 4 years is really important for babies to get to know some basic habits from parents, sisters or brothers. So on that period, they get to know many things from family. None of you going to teach bad habits for your baby, I believe. Parents have to be careful in actions in front of their babies because your baby learns habits and discipline from you only.

This is one of the main reasons why the family is important in our life. This is one of the great advantages of family and none of us ever realize this at any time. You may have lots of friends or relations or office mates. They will definitely be with you in your happy times or any successful achievements. But, your parents or sisters or brothers are the only ones will stay with you in your hard and difficult times. Your parents are the only one who understands you much more than any other people do in the world. Because they are your creators and they are the only ones traveling with you from the beginning. So they understand your feelings and always there for you whenever you need someone abundantly. This is the power of family. There are many people can help you, but the family will help you whenever you are alone.

Helps building an ideal society

A perfect family is a great example of the whole society. Father, Mother, children all of them have to work in order to build a perfect family. If any one of them failed then the whole family collapsed. This happens very much nowadays. The good name of the whole family ruined by a single member of the family. That is really sad but nothing to do for that. But if every family member works hard and builds an optimal family, then they are a good example of that whole society. Family impacts very much in society and society impacts very much in the country. So an ideal country not only builds by the government but also each and every family member. So each family is the principal key to the society. This is why the family is important in our life.

Family values are a set of unwritten rules and codes that creates and helps build our perception, vision towards society and many things that we face in our day to day life. Strong family values can instill greater clarity in decision making regarding our life and leads to a relatively easier and more balanced life. Giving strong values as a parent not only protects a child but also create a civilized conscious citizen and help move society towards a more harmless tomorrow. Strong family values can help check all the moral and ethical corruption in various walks of life which otherwise ultimately contributes to inequality poverty crime and what not.

In today’s hard and fast world the most successful person are those who can take quick decisions about what they want from life. Family value that helps you distinguish what is morally correct and what suits your value system. Today the single largest task in hands of parents is protecting their children from outside influence which are majorly negative in nature. Injecting strong family values in child since childhood is one such measure that can ensure their safety in a time when direct supervision of child has become near impossible…

Strong source of spreading Love and Shelter

A family is like a nest. In it one can share laughter, joy, tears, successes, failures and problems. Everything becomes easier when you have someone to share. It is how we identify with others and how we view ourselves. It’s where most of us learn to trust or be trusted. It’s the longest and often times most valuable lessons on love and sacrifice, responsibility and organization of managing ourselves to meet the needs of others important to us. It is putting others before us. Family is not only about blood ties but about the love bond that exists whether friends colleagues, biological or adopted. It is respect and unconditional love No matter what. A family is the person who makes you smile when you feel sad. Your parents are like God, they always love you. The other thing is that a family is a very strong force that nobody can explain. Your parents are the ones that make you mad, but they always love you in the inside. If we didn’t have family, then who will care for the children? Nobody. A family is a forever thing that will be always on your side. Remember, there is always love, always.


Standing in the kitchen

Standing in the kitchen, right in front of the big window. That’s all Taylor could do, because she has a pole with a vibrating dildo on it right in her vagina, and her legs are strapped to the pole. The pole has been bolted to the floor, so she knows she’s not gonna be moving any time soon. Her arms are tied above her head to the ceiling, and her ponytail is also tied to a rope leading from the ceiling.

The house she was in was on a fairly busy street, so a lot of people saw her in the window as they walked by. Some even took pictures of her, and all she could do was watch. She couldn’t scream or talk because of the ball gag in her mouth, and it was causing her to drool all over herself.

Her master then opened the door, and invited people to come inside. They all took pictures and laughed at Taylor, and eventually her master slapped her extremely hard on her ass, which jiggled a ton. “Who wants a turn with her?” exclaimed her master.

One man stepped up and undid his jeans. Her master put up some curtains and closed the blinds so no one could see them. The man then took out his penis and showed it to Taylor. She saw how hard and big it was and she knew she was in for it. He then slowly inserted his hard cock into her asshole with no lube. It was painful, but she loved it. She was pounded in the asshole for a few minutes until her ass was filled with his cum.

He zipped his pants up and walked out. The next person came in.


A few hours later and the door was closed, and Taylor felt amazing. She was fucked non-stop for the whole day, and now she was going to go to bed. The way her master makes her sleep is inside a vacuum sealed bag. She laid down in the bag, and covered herself up. Her master zipped it up, attached the vacuum, and it sucked all the air out of the bag. It wrapped tightly around her body and face, and she couldn’t move or breathe, but he then poked holes in the bag near her nose and mouth so she could breathe.

While in the bag, her master brought his phone over to her, and scrolled through his Facebook and Instagram feeds. She saw tons of pictures of herself tied up in the window, and it had gone viral.

She laid there as she heard him walk out, then close and lock the door. She loved what happened, but she wanted something more extreme. She really wanted to be pushed to her limits.

She got her wish the next morning when she woke up sitting back against the wall, and she knew she wasn’t getting out. The panic set in after a second or two when she figured out she wasn’t in her bag – but she then calmed down after she realized this is what she asked for.

She was in a small, poorly lit room that reminded her of a cellar, and the door next to her was padlocked shut. She tried to wiggle in her restraints, but she couldn’t – her torso and arms were chained firmly to the wall behind her and her legs were chained very tightly in front of her. She was loving the vibrations in her ass and pussy from the dildos that were inserted into her.

Taylor was loving this so much – but she thought too soon. After a few hours and many orgasms, the padlock was removed from the door and it was opened. A man dressed in all black with a black mask walked in. He looked at her for a second and laughed, before tying a rope very loosely around her neck. She couldn’t ask what he was doing, as her mouth was gagged and she was unable to talk or scream. The man then slid the rope over a pulley on the ceiling and tied it to a bucket which was now hanging from the ceiling. Taylor was extremely uncomfortable at this point, especially when he pulled a catheter out and stuck it right in her vagina. There was a small pump connected to the catheter, which now lead to the bucket. She was really freaked out by this contraption, and even more so when the man placed a tank on the floor in front of her, with a pump and a large tube coming out of it. The tube was connected to her mouth through the gag.

Once the man left, she was left to wonder what the hell was going on. She could feel her urine passing through the catheter and into the bucket. As the bucket got fuller, it weighed more, thus pulling the rope and slightly tightening the noose. The piss kept flowing and flowing and flowing until the bucket was really heavy and the noose was extremely tight. Taylor couldn’t breathe anymore and she was starting to panic. She almost passed out but the bucket ended up hitting the tank and poured into it. The bucket went back up to the ceiling, which loosened the noose so she could breathe again. But what she didn’t realize was that the tank was now pumping the piss directly into her mouth.

After about a minute, she saw the yellow fluid crawling through the tube. She couldn’t believe what was happening, but she couldn’t stop it in any way. The piss entered her mouth and it was all she could taste as it slowly went down her throat. After a few minutes, it finished and she felt the noose tightening again as the bucket dropped. During another orgasm, she realized that this never-ending cycle is her new life, but it isn’t as bad as she originally thought.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) – Information and Benefits

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) essentially are a savings account that is available to US citizens to cover medical expenses. With this health insurance alternative the funds added to the account are not subject to federal income tax at the time of deposit nor is the interest earned. Here are some HSA facts and information.

People under the age of 65 that are enrolled in a qualifying High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) can open an HSA. You may not be covered by another policy that isn’t a qualified high deductible health plan but other disability, dental, vision and long-term care is allowable.

A high deductible health plan is one that meets the following criteria as of the 2008 tax year:

1. Minimum deductible for a single person $1100

2. Minimum deductible for a family $2200

3. Max out of pocket expenses for a single person $5600

4. Max out of pocket expenses for a family $11200

If you meet the above requirements, you can open a health savings account at any time. The maximum amount you may deposit for the 2007 tax year is $2850 for an individual and $5650 for a family. All deposited funds are the property of the policyholder. Deposits also may be made through an employer (who could match) payroll deduction or by any individual. For taxpayers age 55 or over, an additional $800 may be deposited.

These funds may be withdrawn penalty free for qualified medical expenses incurred after the HDHP deductible is met. Unlike a Flexible Spending Account or similar any funds not withdrawn or used within the year is carried over to the next year. If you are young and in reasonably good health in a few years you could realize a sizable amount of money in a Health Savings Account. How much will depend on if your employer makes deposits, your age and of course your health. One good benefit of a HSA plan is their portability, when you leave your current employment you can keep your plan and same health savings account provider. Basically, tax free, you can build up a fund for your retirement medical expenses.

Qualified withdrawals include coinsurance and deductibles as well as other expenses not covered by standard medical insurance like dental, vision, durable medical equipment and chiropractic costs. You can even withdraw money form an HSA plan even if you don’t use it for medical expenses. If you’re under the age of fifty five, there is a ten percent penalty and ordinary income tax; at age sixty five and older all you would pay is ordinary income tax.

If you are opening an account on your own, you can find a list of providers offering Health Savings Account plans online. Policies in most states can be compared conveniently and quickly at the many reputable sites online. Alternatively, you could find a local agent who knows what is available in your area.

Whatever you do, be sure you do the homework and know what you are doing. Keep the documentation of expenses paid for through withdrawals from the account. Bottom line is that the IRS is watching. Also consider contacting a financial expert or insurance agent if you need more HSA – Health Savings Account information, it can’t hurt and may help.

Health Savings Accounts Work Through Periods Of Unemployment

Health Savings Accounts have been around since 2004, and all indications are that they’re here to stay. This form of health insurance is more in tune with our times of unemployment and lack of medical care than traditional co-payment health insurance plans. Those policies tend to have premiums on the high side, while HSA plans start with lower than average premiums. A couple of studies have shown that premiums rise slower than average for these policies, too.

Low premiums make it more affordable to maintain coverage during periods of unemployment, but that’s not the only way HSA plans can bridge gaps between jobs. As you’ve probably guessed, a Health Savings Account is specifically designed to pay for health care with benefits that standard accounts don’t provide.

Health Savings Accounts Reduce Taxes

Health Savings Accounts allow you to pay for health care with pre-tax dollars. The money you contribute to your HSA can be used to directly reduce your taxable income with an “above-the-line deduction.” That basically means you won’t need to itemize deductions to lower your income taxes. That works for federal tax returns and for all but three state returns.

After you get that tax deduction, you have a choice about how to use your HSA funds. If you use the money for health care, withdrawals won’t be taxed as long as you only spend them to pay for health care that’s deemed to be eligible. Most things are with the exception of over-the-counter medicines, like aspirin. A purchase like that would trigger a 20-percent penalty fee on the HSA withdrawal and it would become taxable income.

You can spend HSA money on things your high-deductible health plan probably won’t cover, such as dentistry or homeopathy. You can also pay for health care for family members who are not covered on your insurance policy.

HSA Plans Foster Saving For Retirement

Your other choice is to invest HSA dollars and let the balance grow with tax-free earnings as you would with an IRA. If your employer contributes to your HSA, that money is yours to keep even after that job is history. Once you turn 65, you can use HSA funds to buy anything without incurring a penalty, but it’s still taxable as income when spent on something other than qualified health care.

Many different financial institutions will let you open an HSA. Some restrict what they offer to interest-bearing savings accounts, but others will allow you to invest in stocks and bonds, or mutual funds. These accounts are becoming big business, so HSA administrators are competing with perks to attract your business. Many make it as simple to withdraw HSA money as it is to use a regular checking account. Even credit cards linked to HSA money are on the horizon.

After your HSA balance reaches an amount that you’re comfortable with, you might even consider starting a second Health Savings Account that you use strictly for the investment options. Keep one liquid for medical emergencies and devote the second one to letting the tax-free earnings help you prepare for retirement.